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What lockdown looks like for us

So along with the rest of the world, we are on week god-knows-what of lockdown due to Covid-19. We are having to shield Ellis for 12 weeks, which means none of us leave the house, even for food. We have been relying on generous friends and family and online delivery slots where and when we can get them.

We are lucky enough to have a garden, which has been our life line. I can’t begin to imagine those families stuck in flats or houses without some kind of outdoor space.

For us, lockdown has been weirdly nice! Surreal, but nice. We are a busy family who normally get quality time together once in a blue moon, so to spend time as a family is amazing. Before the lockdown, we were relying on family to come and sit with Ellis while we worked, now we don’t need to because we are here. We are in charge of every aspect of his care from makeshift home physio to giving him his daily injections. It’s nice to be able to give him our whole attention, rather than bits of our time when we have finished work. He so deserves it.

Home schooling hasn’t really happened in this house and I’m not ashamed to say it. Facebook is full of wonderful, colourful timetables and charts on how best to homeschool and what to teach your children. To us, home is not a school. Not in the sense of a classroom anyway. To us, we are opening their minds to other things they can’t learn in school. They are learning about the amazing work the NHS community nurses do, when they come to our house to care for Ellis. They are learning to re connect with each other, building stronger relationships. They are exploring the garden, using their imagination in ways a school can’t teach them. They are experiencing what it feels like to be bored, in a generation of technology and instant gratification, which is something that seems to be lost. They are watching the news with us, not scared, but feeling an immense pride for the key workers in society and clapping on our doorstep every Thursday with goosebumps on their arms.

They will not be behind when they go back to school, but enriched.

They are learning empathy, resilience and pride to name a few.

In a normal fast paced life where they have to have wrap around childcare, quick dinners after work and stressed out parents, this is a unique situation that won’t happen again and we are making the most out of it.

Parenting looks very different in every household. If sitting at a table works for you and your children, good on you. If it doesn’t, good on you too.

As a mum, there are so many pressures in a normal world, we are facing something that no one has faced before. Don’t put extra pressure on yourself.

We’re winging it. All of us. Even the judgy play doh making, glitter painting ‘super mums’. They still crack open that wine bottle way before evening during lockdown.

We will remember this time forever, looking back and probably missing the time we got.

So make the most of it. We certainly are.

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