Falling down is an accident. Staying down is a choice πŸ‘ŠπŸ»

Lots has happened since I last wrote.

At the beginning of last week I had my appointment with my lovely GP. I told her that I had run out of amitriptyline, the tablets I was prescribed for my headaches. I had previously requested more, but was turned down as they weren’t on repeat. So I had to wait nearly a whole week to get some more! As I predicted, horrible headaches came back after a while without them. Insomnia was back too as well as leg pain. Just when I was starting to feel human again, I ran out! Anyway, my GP gladly prescribed me more and put them on repeat so I can continue with them. Never been so excited to take a tablet in my life haha. She asked if I had read the information she gave me last time on Fibromyalgia, which I had. I said it sounded like someone had wrote it about me, every symptom fitted my life. She said she agreed and has referred me to a rheumatologist and I will get an appointment in the post. I’m used to waiting by now so this will be a breeze.

I had my routine blood tests last week too, took the little lady and she behaved beautifully. She even had 3 nurses all talking to her and commented how polite she was, while another took my bloods. She knows her way around the hospital like the palm of her hand by now, zooming from one corridor to another, apologising to the ladies who she bumped into πŸ˜‚ crazy but polite at least.

Today was my 6 monthly hospital appointment with my consultant and my trial nurse. It was lovely as always to see Karen again with our usual catch up. We realised I only have another 18 months or so left in the trial! 4 years have gone super fast. Mr Balfour showed me my levels on his screen again, telling me that they are continuing to be perfect which is good. He felt my neck for any new lumps or bumps and found nothing. Such a great feeling. I told him about the referral for Fibromyalgia and he agreed that it would explain a lot. It was nice to be able to separate the two and believe for once, that my thyroid levels really are ok and that I’m not just being moany!

I’ve had lots of other bits to organise lately too. In April I am starting a course to become a certified Counsellor. It will take 3 years and lots of money πŸ˜– and even more hard work but finally my career is taking off… again! After 4 years out and a part-time job I hate, I’m so excited for what the future holds. I have found out that my time spent at uni and all my hard work with placements and assignments haven’t gone to waste either, as they count towards another degree. So my goal is to complete this course I’m signed up for, qualify in that then continue onto the Bsc(hons) in Psychology and Counselling. I will bloody get my degree!!

Life is pretty great right now. Positivity pays off. Life is hard, at times you really can’t see yourself getting back up. But you do. Even stronger and better than before. Whatever life throws at me now, can’t be as hard as the last 4 years so bring it on πŸ‘ŠπŸ»

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