January is Thyroid Awareness Month

Happy New Year!

Christmas was amazing. So much quality time with the people I love, I’m sad it’s over!

This is a bit of a moaning blog today, sorry! But it’s these raw accounts of my life that I want to document.

I have found it so hard this year to make sure everything is just right, from stocking fillers to making sure we have enough carrots for the reindeer. The late nights, stress and worry have certainly taken its toll on me this week.

I am exhausted beyond anything I have felt before. My muscles ache, my mouth is full of ulcers (£5 for bonjela, when did that happen?!) My headaches are in constant mode, not a full on migraine, but there all the same, niggling away, reminding me that I dared to have fun. Pins and needles in my fingers are all too common again, its just normal for me now. I feel like crying today, but instead I have to go work. Speaking to customers, pretending to be ok. Sometimes it’s all too much. I just want to hide away in my bed, watching old re runs of friends but money doesn’t grow on trees.

I have my next GP appointment on 16th Jan to talk about what happens next. Then my 6 monthly appointment with my consultant and Clinical Trial Nurse at the hospital at the end of the month.

I am on so many tablets now I’m not sure what is a side effect of what.

The hardest part is trying to explain how I feel. I feel like I just moan all the time and because its nothing physical, its hard for others to understand. I have the most amazing husband in the whole world, I am so lucky. He just gets me. He knows when I’m feeling shit, he probably doesn’t understand fully, but he doesn’t pretend to either. He just lets me know he is there and does anything to make me feel ok. I really am super lucky.

My blog is the only place I moan and sometimes I do hesitate to write how I really feel. If I am asked how I am I will always say I’m ok because its just easier than explaining the truth.

As the title suggests, January is thyroid awareness month. The small butterfly shaped gland at the bottom of your neck, which seems so insignificant, but has single handedly changed my life. I never knew what it was, let alone what it does.


Here are just a few of the symptoms of hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism. If you think you may have a thyroid problem, go to your GP and it’s a simple blood test.

Also this month marks 2 years of my Cancer Support Group! A small tiny idea one evening, now a huge success with over 120 members. Quite an achievement!

So as much as I feel shit, something positive has come out of all of this.

2018 is looking exciting. Watch this space 😉

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