Yet more tablets… and still no answers 

I have a new GP at my surgery and she is amazing. I saw her for the second time today. The first time I explained my long list of complaints and sat there and genuinely listened. It felt so nice to have my voice heard and validated rather than fobbed off.

She ordered a fasting blood test for the following week,  to test everything to get to the bottom of what is gong on. Then she wanted me to go back to see her a week later.

All was going to plan, I remembered not to eat which is trauma in itself for me haha and I turned up to have my blood test on time and with 4 children in tow as it was still half term. They all behaved so well I was so proud of them all, I even got comments from other patients about how well behaved they were… if only they knew 😂

The following week I had my appointment to go back and discuss the results. I had a text message reminder the day before, a reminder on my phone and it was written in both my home calendar and my phone calendar. You can guess it. I forgot. God knows how, but I did. So I rang up an hour after my appointment should have been and was told she only works on a Tuesday so I would have to ring back next week so they can try to fit me in. Argh.

So this morning I actually remembered to ring them! Got an appointment for 10am which I was so pleased about.

My GP was again so lovely. My results came back absolutely perfect, which is so good but so frustrating! I was hoping it might be a simple iron tablet or vitamin b 12 but no they are all fine. So what is it?

My symptoms are:

Brain fog



Pins and needles in fingers and numbness

Pains/aches in legs


General body ache all the time

My GP has given me a tablets to try called Amitriptyline and Cerelle. Cerelle is a contraceptive pill which she said could stabilise hormaones and the Amitriptyline is an anti- depressant used to treat not only depression and anxiety, but headaches and pains too.

I’m not too keen about having an antidepressant but if it helps then it will be a result.

I have to go back to see her in a month to see if there is any improvement. I bloody hope so my husband is getting sick of me moaning haha

Fingers crossed this is the end of the symptoms and I can actually feel my age again!


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