Job title: Mum. Shift: 24/7. Pay: absolutely sod all.

It’s finally half term! Nearly 2 weeks off school. 13 days of no lunchboxes to wash and pack, no clubs to pick up from, no stressful mornings asking for that bloody sock to be put on for the 5th time, instead of rolling around on the floor. No getting called in to see the teacher because of behaviour, no more school runs with a ratty toddler who hates both walking and her pushchair. 

This half term is going to be amazing.

Having 4 children is bloody hard work. Along with all my hundreds of hospital and doctors appointments, two of my children also have millions of appointments with physio and the OT for their hypermobility. On top of that we have had secondary schools to look at which has been a pain to say the least! Having to leave half way through my sons favourite school because the horror that is the little one decided she had had enough. No amount of rice cakes or surprise eggs on you tube could have persuaded her otherwise. 

I work one day a week which ironically is like my day off! There I bury my head in filing and other bits to make me feel half me and not just a frazzled out Mum. 

I was asked the other day if I had a ‘real job’ or if I just did one day a week and be a Mum. Excuse me? Real job? Being a mum (or referee as I prefer to describe it) to 4 children is the HARDEST job I have ever done. 

I am a cook, a nurse, a cleaner, a maid, a teacher, taxi, counsellor, a referee, a personal assistant, a cash point…. the list goes on. And the thanks I get? Not some huge pay check which makes the 24/7 shift worthwhile. I get nothing. I get the occasional ‘thanks’ when I moan I dont get any. I get the odd ‘I love you Mum’ when the 3rd child has pissed me off yet again so she is trying to get back in my good books. 

I am currently hiding in the kitchen with the door closed pretending to make dinner, when the chicken is already cooking. 😂 I’m taking the opportunity to not be sat on or moaned at or being told ‘he looked at me again’ urgh. 

Yet weirdly I wouldn’t change a single bit of it for the world. 
So this week has sucked arse. I’m sure next week will too. I’m sure the novelty of half term will quickly fade after a day of all being stuck under the same roof. But for now, in this secret 7 minutes I have had in the kitchen alone with only the chicken for company, it’s bliss….. until in an hour and a half it’s school disco time so it all starts up again……..


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