Perfect thyroid levels… so why am I still struggling?

A few weeks have passed since I last blogged. I managed to eventually get my bloods done! I booked an appointment with my GP so I knew it would be in and out. My daughter beahaved beautifully which made it even easier. 

I had a phone call today from my lovely trial nurse, Karen who told me my bloods were perfect. So pleased so be on a dose which my body seems to love. 

But with me and my body there is always a however. 

If my bloods are so good then why am I struggling so much? Headaches are back 😩 I’ve been keeping a diary as asked by my GP and there is no pattern to them. They just turn up whenever my body decides to piss me off. The insomnia… oh the insomnia. Hello again my worst enemy. My body aches… physically aches for no apparent reason. If i have a busy day, I will pay for it afterwards. We had such a good weekend with friends, shopping and ikea with lots of walking and a few lates nights which I am now regretting. I feel like an 83 year old trapped in a 33 year old body. 

My irritability and anxiety have come back too, started to get used to feeling normal! I’m still convinced America was my medicine 😂 

I just feel generally ergh all of the time. 

I’m pleased that my thyroid levels are so good because whenever I’ve been to the doctor before they have palmed my symptoms off as part of that, so this time I can say that my levels are fine.

I will be ringing my GP tomorrow to try and get an appointment. I won’t hold my breath for any luck. 


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