We did it! 💍🥂

We are now Mr and Mrs Griffin ❤️ 

We had the most amazing 8 days ever. We were married in Red Rock Canyon, just a 20 minute drive from the craziness of Vegas. It was beautifully perfect. 

We flew into Vegas on the Friday and arrived at 3pm their time and 11pm our time. Anyone who reads my blogs knows I am in bed by 9pm most nights so I knew this would be a challenge! I tried to sleep on the plane as normally I could have a cheeky nap anywhere! But just couldn’t seem to drift off. 
By the time we had checked in, got car and bags and found somewhere to eat, we had been awake for 27 hours straight. This is insane for a ‘normal’ person haha let alone me and my old lady body! It was the worst feeling ever, I felt sick, emotional, angry, I never want to feel like that again. 

Holiday excitement is a drug in itself and should be bottled as I felt great nearly all of the time. We walked around 15 miles one day in 43 degree heat and it was bearable. At home the school run does me in! Maybe I am secretly American. 

With the walking and the heat I lost a whole stone in weight too! A stone 😮 that is crazy. I weighed myself on 2 separate scales as I didn’t quite believe it! 

My body seems to love being in America, every reason to start planning our next adventure… for medical purposes… obviously 😂

Vegas was insane and definitely and experience but LA, Hollywood and Laguna beach were incredible. 

We flew back on the Saturday but didn’t get home until the Sunday due to time difference so we lost a whole day. So again, no sleep for over 25 hours. Ergh. 

We have been back just over a week and on Saturday we celebrated with close friends and family which was such an amazing night. 

Now back to reality, appointments and blood tests! I waited for 40 minutes this morning at the hospital, waiting to get my bloods done. My daughter has had the devil in her today so I knew she would be testing! She told the whole room that she was having a poo and not to look at her 😂 I took this as my que to leave haha. Had to pay £2 in the car park forthe privilege too. 

Now we are back at home with the devil child taking a nap, me catching up with Corrie having my 3rd Coffee of the day. 

I’ll try getting my bloods done tomorrow when I have more patience and when the child doesn’t need to poo. 


One thought on “We did it! 💍🥂

  1. Congratulate you on this happy event! I’m sorry, my English not allows me to understand all what you write, just outline. I hope you get better, and you will live happily ever after with your husband, children and furry friends!


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