It’s all coming together 😊

So in 2 days time we fly to USA to get married! I have packed, re packed and even wrote a list about what I still need to pack. It sounds a little like I’m obsessed. Well I am 😂 we have been planning this trip for 18 months and to think it’s finally here is crazy! But I know what my memory is like, I will get half way around the world and realise I have forgot my dress. My memory is not my strong point lately! 

I’m on more tablets now, which I only started yesterday. I have to take them 3 times a day, so rather than be messed up with the 8 hour time difference, I’ve set it up to take them in Vegas time. Which means a rude 4am wakening for 3 days until we get there! Once I’m awake it’s near impossible to go back to sleep, so I’ve been up since 4am for 2 days straight. Urgh. 

One of the joyous side effects of the new tablets is that I’m in agony! So I’m taking a strong painkiller to counteract. The size of my medication bag for the plane is huge, they are going to think I have problems! 

In exactly 30 hours time we will be boarding the plane, hoping I have remembered to pack everything and looking forward to relaxing for 10 hours. 10 whole hours of sleeping when I want, eating when I want and generally being a bum. The best part of the whole trip 😂 

But until then we still have 2 days to get through. I will probably have to pack one more time, just to make sure haha make sure everything is in place at home, make a few phone calls, tie up a few lose ends and then we will be done. 

All ready to become Mrs. Griffin 😍 

See you on the other side 😘💍

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