It’s the little things ❤️

Last week I had a phone call from my Trial Nurse, Karen. She said she had read my blog and no one should have to put up with feeling like this until January, so she has ordered me bloods to check my levels. I told her I loved her about 3 times during the conversation. Something as little as ordering bloods is massive to me and I’m so grateful. 

So a little update on me. 

My headaches have gone. I can’t even explain how amazing this is.

My insomnia has gone and I actually sleep all night. Lush!

Night times are so much better in this house. Little lady sleeps through… at bloody last! Anyone with a sleep allergic child you know how amazing this feels 😂 it was a long 2 and a half years of being a zombie mum but we are there 👍🏻 

So we are a house who sleep! Finally!

This should make me feel on top of the world, refreshed each morning after a whole nights sleep. No chance, that would be too easy. That would mean my body liked me.

I wake up and literally have to prise my eyes open. God it makes me grumpy, sorry Glenn 😂. I take my meds then patiently wait and hour before I can have breakfast and coffee. 

Those few hours between meds and lunch are great. I am able to do anything. 

Then the afternoon comes. 1-2pm is the worst hour of the day. I’m having to even avoid driving at that time as I can’t concentrate properly! I plan my days around it and try and fit a whole day of entertaining 4 children into one morning. It’s crazy. I’m 33 but have the body of an 83 year old! 

We had a nice morning at the beach hut yesterday, but I knew it was time to come home. I gave the little ones a bath, put them into their pjs to save sand covering my house and made the mistake of laying on my bed for 2 mins. I fell asleep 😂 really body?! 

We also had a family BBQ Saturday which has been planned for so long. It was lovely to see family who we hadn’t seen for a while as they live away, but the party started at 2pm. The dreaded 2pm. So I spent the whole time sitting in the living room, hoping people wouldn’t think I was rude! Trying not to yawn when I was talking to people is always a tough one! I don’t want them thinking I’m bored or not listening, but once you let one out they just keep coming! 

But on a positive note my wedding dress fits!! I still look like I’m 6 months pregnant and pretty sure I have an over hang of back fat 😂 but it fits! 

I have also lost 4lbs! Not loads but those 4 stubborn little bastards have gone. 

We have 16 days until we go away. That’s going so fast it doesn’t seem real! 2 years of planning and it’s nearly here! I’m certainly not going to let my absent thyroid ruin it.

But in the mean time I have 4 children to entertain in the typical UK rainy summer holidays and a toddler to potty train. I’m going to need an IV of coffee to get me through the next 16 days! 

Bring it on body, I’m not giving in 


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