What’s a bit of rain when you are having fun!


On Saturday I held a Summer Garden Party for the cancer support group I run. It had taken months to plan with so many people helping to make it a success. The week leading up to it had a terrible weather forecast! Rain and and more rain! I am always super prepared and like to have a plan B, C and D, but this time there was nothing. A lovely group member has an acre of land and she offered for us to hold it there. Perfect. I hired bouncy castles, organised a face painter, glitter tattooist, an ice cream van, and lots more. All extremely summery things, which would be perfect in the sun. Don’t ruin this for us now rain!

The night before we desperately scrambled to come up with a makeshift plan B, but we didn’t want to be defeated. We woke up Saturday morning to glorious sunshine and it was dry! Result! That was until 2.30pm came and guests started to arrive , the heavens opened. Not just a bit of rain either, actual pouring! Stupid England!

But we carried on, attempting (and failing) to make shelters out of tarpaulin, erecting flimsy gazebos and trying to cover our lovingly prepared picnics from getting water logged!

But it was a bloody good day! There was so many people, children having the time of their lives on a wet bouncy castle, having water fights, sliding in the mud! It was lovely to watch.

We made a massive total of £400!! I didn’t even dream of covering the cost of the bouncy castle, let alone making that much! It was extremely humbling. All of the hard work and stress paid off.

Two lovely ladies, who have been coming to the group since the beginning, 18 months ago, helped massively. If it wasn’t for them, it wouldn’t have been as successful. When I started the group I wanted to help others make friends but I never even thought that I would too. I am very lucky.

I have just finished a write up for the local paper and completed an application form for a grant which I think we may be considered for. Fingers crossed.

I’m glad I have stuck to my initial ideas. The group is a huge success and is growing so fast. Its exciting to think where we will be in another 18 months!


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