From Hyper to Hypo

It’s been nearly 2 weeks since my thyroxine dose has been lowered and I’m really struggling already. My agonising headaches have disappeared which is an amazing feeling, but being hypo is hard. 

It’s summer holidays and with 4 children I don’t have time to be feeling sorry for myself, they want to be out doing things! But it’s day 5 and so far we have managed one park trip for 20 minutes ( I lied and said we were there longer, time goes quick when you are having fun, right?!) 

The rest of the time we have been indoors. Not sure if it’s related and how it affects your immune system but in the two weeks I’ve had a sickness bug followed by a horrendous cold. Who even has a cold in July?! 

The lethargy is the worst I’ve ever felt. I feel like I don’t even have to energy to hold my own head up and that’s not a Gemma exaggeration haha. I’m like a zombie. It’s not even tiredness, it’s like someone has sucked the life out of me and I’m just a empty shell. Even coffee doesn’t help. 

It’s hard not to let it beat you when you feel this shit. 

It’s funny how one tiny 25mg tablet could make such a difference in how I feel. My body’s norm is obviously somewhere inbetween, but with my next appointment not until January, life has to go on. 

But from now until January I have so much I need to feel better for. I get married in 29 days! We are going to Vegas which is a 10 hour flight, a few days there then to LA another 4 hour journey, then the 10 hours back. The way I feel now I’m worried it’s all going to be too much. 

My consultant was fantastic, like I said in my last blog, but even he doesn’t realise that between my 6 month appointments, my life has to carry on. He told me this new dose would probably make me hypo and that it would take a few tweeks to get it right. So in the mean time, I have to just wait it out.

 But lethargy is something you can’t paint over. I can’t pretend it’s not there, like a lot of my other symptoms. I get cold now, so I put more clothes on. I’m tired earlier at night, so I go to bed earlier. But this? “No kids, we can’t do anything for the next 6 months, because I have to wait for my next appointment” I can’t see that happening. 

So today we are going to the beach hut. Comfy chairs and cups of tea while the kids play. 

But if you see me, I probably won’t hold a very good conversation. I’m sorry if I yawn through everything you are saying to me, I’m not being rude. My kids outfits probably won’t match and will be un ironed, but they will be clean and fed… just about 😂

So only 186 days to go. And I’m counting every single one 


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