Insomnia sucks

So still no update from the hospital. Not a phone call, letter, nothing. It’s ok it’s not as if I’m over here worried or anything. Oh wait…. I am.
This blog is not a moan about that, I’m not allowing it to consume me anymore. If it’s back then so be it, I’ll just have to kick its butt all over again.
I wanted to write about insomnia. Those 8 little letters that have such an impact on my life. It’s currently 1.43am and I’m the most awake I’ve felt in weeks. My body is exhausted but my mind just won’t switch off. All I can think about is that fact I’ve gotta get up in 5 hours for work and I was so tired today, tomorrow will be a million times worse.
It’s in these small hours of the morning that think bout things. Not a normal person type thinking. Oh no. Like how I can recite every single word to ‘You’re Welcome’ and mentally want to high five myself. Then I remember I’m a 33 year old women and it’s 2am. Not cool. Or planning in great detail the holiday we have mentioned maybe twice, in 2019. Two whole years away. But apparently I know what outfit I will be wearing on each of those days.
Insomnia makes you crazy. Or it makes me crazy at least.
My head is killing me, actually feels like it’s going to explode. Those who know me know I’m not a drama queen in the slightest so that must be the case 😂
I’ve got a fidgety two year old in bed with me now, as it seems she’s decided that 2am is fun too. Better than last week when she woke up demanding to watch Umizoomi or when she woke asking for a banana. Kids are weird.

Insomnia apparently is not a symptom of Hypothyroidism, according to my consultant. Neither is the weight gain, the 4 day migraines or the fatigue. The very symptoms which convieniently only started when they removed my thyroid.

So it’s now gone 2am and I’m going to find a new box set to watch, seeing as in the evenings I cannot sit through more than 10 mins of an episode without falling asleep.



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